• $119.00$476.00

    For years, clients have found that moving from 5% Minoxidil in Carrier to 5% Minoxidil w/ 5% Saw Palmetto provides much better results. Formerly, this product required a prescription and was only available through our Doctors. We proudly announces that this unique product is now available without a prescription.

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  • $249.95$999.80

    The Complete Re-Stim + Program
    is the most common program suggested for both men and women suffering from hair loss. Developed by our doctors, this program utilizes a multi-therapeutic approach with products for good scalp hygiene, good hair nutrition, blocking DHT (the most common cause of hair loss) and has been found to be even more effective when combined with low level laser therapy.

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  • $199.00
    • Dual Technology: Low Level Laser Therapy + LED Stimulating Therapy
    • 5 Laser Diodes 650nM / 5mw
    • 12 – 650nM LEDS Cosmetic Laser Device
    • Greater scalp coverage with a total of 17 light beams
    • Closer contact with hair follicles thanks to transparent laser housing
    • Laser and LED wavelength