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Research Laboratory​

Engineered to have much greater effect than the ordinary Rogaine & Propecia formula using the latest research from the US, Europe and Canada.

FDA Approved
Note: The Product that is FDA Approved is Minoxidil, all the other products we sell are Natural and don’t need FDA Approval since they are not drugs.

For Men and Women* * Women please click here for potential side effects of Minoxidil

What Makes WhereDidMyHairGo's Complete Treatment Program So Effective?​

Here is what happens when Regular Minoxidil is Used ->

The Sebaceous Glands produce Sebum which sits on the scalp and blocks the penetration of Minoxidil.

The alcohol in Mixoxidil now takes a nasty effect on your scalp, causing irritation and itching of the scalp and drying of the hair shaft.

Minoxidil works at the Dermal Papilla level, not the scalp surface, resulting in limited effectiveness.

Eliminate the Negative Effects of the Alcohol in Minoxidil through the Use of Carrier Lotion ->

Our Carrier Lotion carries Minoxidil through the scalp and to the Dermal Papilla target, not allowing the alcohol to dry out the Minoxidil and the scalp.

Carrier Lotion results in Maximum Penetration

The Magic of Dexpanthenol ->

Dexpanthenol dissolves Sebum and creates a super hydrated and absorbant Stratum Corneum environment, eliminating the barrier and allowing for optimum penetration of Minoxidil to the Dermal Papilla level.

Our customers feedback!

Business is the activity of making one living or making money producing or buying and selling products. Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

Chirly Winston

User Interface Designer

Business is the activity of making one making money producing products. Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

"I just want to tell you that I've gotten great results in the first 3 months of use of your Complete Treatment Program. Please place my reorder, Thanks for answering my questions and not over selling me. I've gotten better results than you said I would, faster than you said I would. What a difference from all the other products I've tried before."

D.M., Cleveland, Ohio

"You guys are great no B.S. just the truth! I've had hair issues for 3 years now and is the first place that really worked for me. 6 months later, I'm so happy, my hair loss has stopped and I've regrow more hair than I honestly expected. I'm telling my friends"

S.N., Schenectady, NY

"I live in out west and my sons in college in New England. I sent him to my doctor, the school doctor and 3 dermatologists. No one seemed to care, just in and out and no answers. I decided to try your Complete Treatment Program. Now 3 months later, his hair loss has stopped and he is starting to regrow hair. I just bought some products for my husband. Thanks, for helping my son!"

J.S. Denver, CO

"It's simple your stuff works and all the other stuff I tried didn't."