HLCC Scripts Complete

An Herbal Repalcement to Propecia

  • Stop Hair Loss in its Tracks! – A one step oral solution to block DHT (which attacks your hair) and give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow. Much more effective than any other DHT Blocker available.
  • All Natural Ingredients – 100% Herbal – Complete provides clinically proven hair growth vitamins, minerals and neutraceuticals. These natural, anti-Androgenic (DHT Blocking) agents is a patented formula that gives your hair the nutrients it needs to grow.
  • Avoid Side Effects of Propecia

    No More Birth Defects
    No More Depression
    No More Sexual Side Effects
  • Includes a Viviscal-like product proven in studies to stop hair loss and re-grow hair

Warning: If you are Allergic to Shellfish, Please email [email protected] for our shellfish-free product.

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