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    • $99.00

      MGT provides 11 of the best topical DHT blockers, plus proven hair vitamins and vassal dilators to provide the best opportunity for thick healthy hair. MGT is designed to help stop hair loss using DHT blockers and by adding nutrients. MGT provides hair with protein building nutrients and B vitamins directly to the hair follicle to help with hair growth.

    • $14.95

      Wet Phase is the unique alcohol-free styling lotion that enables you to achieve today’s look in hair fashion. Can be used to sculpt and shape hair for a wet or natural style. A versatile designing tool that’s perfect for every styling method.

    • $24.99$38.95

      With 11 DHT Blockers to stop DHT topically, while gently cleansing your hair without the harsh chemicals found in 98% of shampoos (DEA & Sodium Laurel Sulfate). Also very important when using Low Level Laser Therapy, as DEA & SLS have been known to create a barrier, blocking the laser light from penetrating the scalp (similar to sunbathing w/sunscreen).

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    • $24.99

      Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment restores moisture to your hair and scalp, through its action as a moisturizer and conditioner. It provides over 25 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the hair shaft, adding fullness and shine to all hair types.

    • $10.95$30.95

      Our SLS & DEA Free Shampoo has been scientifically formulated without DEA/MEA (DEA has cancer questions) and/or Sodium or Aluminum laurel sulfate (SLS) derivatives, as part of the active ingredients, unlike almost all other commonly used hair and scalp cleansing products.

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    • $40.00$79.95

      Scalp Therapy Dex cleanses the scalp of sebum (excess secretion of the sebaceous glands, which causes seborrheic dermatitis) and also increases the permeability of the stratum corneum (outer layer), significantly improving the delivery system of Minoxidil and MGT, which has been FDA approved for hair growth

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    • $21.99

      Silk Nectar is loaded with organic extracts, that makes curly hair smooth and with a natural looking shine. Naturally straight hair will be sleek with a full, brilliant shine.

      Totally controls frizz
      Leaves hair texture with unbelievable smoothness
      Gives hair a brilliant shine

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