5% Minoxidil with Carrier Lotion

5% Minoxidil with Carrier Lotion

  • Maximize Effect On Growth of Hair Shaft through Better Penetration – This product is the result of years of research and development, maintaining Minoxidil in a liquid state longer allowing it to penetrate down into the follicle where it will have the maximum effect on the growth of the hair shaft.
  • Eliminate Irritation and Dryness – By neutralizing the alcohol in Minoxidil
  • Use Minoxidil only ONCE per day! – Use significantly less Minoxidil by allowing for a more effective penetration process.
  • No More Greasy Hair!

This is the only FDA Approved product proven to Regrow Hair! (Click here to see FDA web site for 5% Minoxidil)

Remember, Minoxidil only works at the dermal papilla level, not on the scalp, so if it can’t penetrate it can’t work.

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